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Payment information
Weekly fees are due on Monday and a late fee of $45  will be charged if tuition is not received by Wednesday night.  Monthly payments are due on the first day of the month and are subject to a $45 late fee if not received by the fifth day of the month.

Vacation time
Please give at least a one week notice of your planned vacation.  Standand tuition fees apply to this time.  A yearly calendar will be provided at the time of enrollment with all Los Pequenitos daycare paid holidays and vacation days.  A list of the days is also listed under the parent page.

​Sick care
Care will not be provided for children with one or more of the following symptoms: Fever of 100.5 needs to stay home 24hours, cold with fever or cough should stay home until fever is gone and cough is mild, diarrhea is excluded 48 hours and vomiting 48 hours or until cured, chicken pox is 1 week at home after onset of rash, measles and rubella excluded four days after onset of rash, mumps excluded nine days or until swelling is gone, pink eye is excluded 24 hours after treatment.

Skin infections such as severe diaper rash, poison oak, impetigo, ring work, cold sores, fever blisters, severe itching with broken skin, hand foot and mouth disease, head lice or any other communicable disease are excluded until cured and can return when accompanied by a doctor’s note stating your child is clear.

​Asthma or problems with breathing, severe pain, severe crying or discomfort in your child will result in parents being called to pick up their child until they are well.

Parents, please be aware of these symptoms and keep your child home when they are not well.  Remember, there are times when your child need one on one care.  We try to be as flexible as possible while keeping in mind the children that are not sick.

Children will not be releases to any persons other than parents or legal guardians or persons assigned on contract.  In case of an emergency, a phone call from the parent is required and a photo ID must be provided by the person picking up your child.

All possible care is taken to provide a safe and healthy environment, however in case of an emergency, first aid and medical help will be given first and then parents will be notified.
Los Pequeñitos Daycare Holiday Schedule will be closed on the following paid holidays 2022:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
Presidents Day    
Good Friday and Easter
Memorial Day 
Kids Graduation from Pre-School                          
Summer Vacation                             
Labor Day                                                                   
Halloween - Half Day                                    
Thanksgiving Holiday                     
Winter Break  
​Vacation Days
January 15 
Febuary 19

April 2 and March 30
May 28
​June 22
July 2-6
September 3
October 31
November 21-23
December 21-25,
December 31

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